Garage Parking Mats

Parking mats will contain all the liquids, leaks or droppings from your vehicle while protecting your concrete garage floor surface from corrosion and spalding overtime. The road salt and chemicals used on the winter roads are what eventually damages the concrete surface in your garage. The investment in the BEST garage mat today will protect your floor for tomorrow.

Parking mats are designed for flexibility and true functionality with ease of cleaning. Our mat offers you the choice to have a full 4-sided containment with no chance for leakage, or 3-sided containment, where the open end that is perpendicular to the garage door, has no foam edge inserted, allowing all liquids to drain outside your garage.


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ToolGrid Garage Organization System

Garage Frontiers is now proud to become Edmonton’s only ToolGrid independent distributor!

Organize your tools by type, job function, or what’s best for your personal work style. Easily reposition, remove or add new tools as your tool and storage requirements evolve. Show customers how efficient you work. Toolgrid™ is fun to set up and is easily reconfigurable.

Fully Customizable
Toolgrid™ is a series of patented tool holders and boards designed to organize and securely hold tools in place. Locating pins on the bottom of each holder fit into the holes of the Tool grid board for a quick and easy set-up. The thousands of holes in each board gives you infinite layout possibilities. Once a set-up is complete the holders are secured to the boards with specially formulated T20 screws.


  • Eliminates time and frustration looking for tools.
  • Create a highly efficient workspace that saves you time and money.
  • Organize your trusted tools the way you work best.

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Expand and reorganize your layout as your needs grow.
  • Organize tools of all shapes and sizes including loose parts, nuts and bolts.
  • Fits in all tool chest drawers or can be placed directly on work tops.


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